About us

The Westchester Index is an interactive website with local data designed to give a comprehensive portrait of our community, sponsored by the Westchester Community Foundation and developed by the Center for Governmental Research. The Index is aimed at helping community members and leaders better understand racial and ethnic disparities in various measures of well-being, so that we can work together to direct funding and resources for greater impact and develop solutions tailored to Westchester.

About the Westchester Community Foundation

The Westchester Community Foundation works to improve the quality of life for all in Westchester by connecting past, present and future generations with nonprofits working in our area to make a healthy, equitable and thriving community. We are a division of The New York Community Trust.

A public charity, the Westchester Community Foundation (WCF) is a grantmaking foundation dedicated to improving the lives of residents of Westchester. We bring together individuals, families, foundations and businesses to build a better community and support nonprofits that make a difference. We apply knowledge, creativity and resources to the most challenging issues in an effort to ensure meaningful opportunities and a better quality of life for all in Westchester, today and tomorrow.

About Center for Governmental Research (CGR)

CGR (Center for Governmental Research) is a nonprofit research and consulting organization with a mission to support positive community change that has created community indicator projects for more than a dozen communities across the United States. CGR provides rigorous analysis, actionable insights and quality community engagement and collaboration for clients ranging from local governments to public safety organizations to collective impact initiatives and community-based nonprofits. To learn more, visit www.cgr.org.